Year: 2015

NYC High School App

During my time at Log(n) design agency, I worked with the Heckscher Foundation to build a New York City (NYC) High School Application Guide for students in New York. The NYC high school app provides a customized list of high school recommendations with an emphasis on higher-performing schools.


I joined the team in the middle of development where I was involved in solving two main problems. The transition between signing in and answering questions for a customized school list seems disjointed. Student feedback created more questions than solutions for students who are filling out the questions and not understanding their end goal. The second problem was a missing feature on having a collection of curated school lists and figuring out how that will work and look like.


This is a collaborative work with the client and a project manager. I mainly worked through product requirements to create wireframes, interactive prototypes and high-fidelity screens on mobile interfaces. Usability testing was involved to get validation on the designs.