Year: 2016


The PCIHIPAA risk assessment tool is a quiz for independent doctors and medical providers to understand their risk as it relates to an adherence (or failure to adhere) to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) guidelines and protocol.


Historically, PCIHIPAA’s risk assessment tool has used a third-party service to conduct its questionnaire. PCIHIPAA wants to build its own risk assessment tool to have better control in telling their own user experience.
This is a redesign to improve the existing risk assessment questionnaire used by their internal customer service team. Their goal is to have forms and data input to be all in one page, a new modern look and feel, ease of accessibility for their customers to go through themselves.


I worked with a product manager on the business requirement for the client. I am mainly responsible for the end to end design process which includes: competitor analysis, qualitative usability testing, visual design and specs. These design processes helps inform the bulk of the product requirement for desktop and tablet experiences.


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