Product Design
Years: 2016-2019


SchoolMint is a cloud-based student enrollment and school choice platform that is used by thousands of PreK-12 district, charter, and independent schools. I joined the team in late 2015 leading its design efforts to make all parent-school interactions delightful and insightful. I have created style guides, user interfaces, interactive prototypes, and conducted multiple usability testing.

Products I worked on

Parent registration
Conversion funnel for school administrators
Admin self onboarding
User interface style guide
School finder

School Finder Case Study

We partner with school districts across the nation to create a platform for families to learn about designated neighborhood schools, compare schools and programs, and find answers to enrollment questions. The mission for this project is to improve the entire student journey by helping parents find the best schools to serve their children’s needs, enroll them, and help schools develop and retain these students.


With a team of a product manager, a design strategist and myself, we brainstorm through user flows and approach understanding our users through research. We coordinated a focus group survey to gauge the interest of school information categories that would ultimately determine which data we will need from principals and how we want to display those to parents. The search tool is familiar to people who are used to using similar like-minded products, so I started to look into similar like-minded products. My role in the team includes user research, wireframing, creating prototypes for qualitative usability testing and producing high-fidelity screens.


Based on our collective research, we understand a little more about our user goals.

  • A clear sense of direction on how we want to distribute the information hierarchy on different pages.‍
  • Themes of wanting a quick and simple summary of “Fast Facts” and “Featured Programs” are high on the list.‍
  • The homepage acts as an initial filter to a more advanced filter option. A robust and advanced filter section empowers users to control their results.


After a collaborative session of research processes, I would incorporate everything we learn into design explorations and provide a visual direction for our client. The screens you see below are the white label delivery for the desktop website. Visit school district example.